I'm going to be honest here.  When I do these improvs, I usually do a small handful of them, not just one, and then listen back to choose which one I'm going to post.  Because I think that if I only gave myself one shot per day, and were stuck with that one, it might get in the way of my creativity a bit (or maybe what I mean to say is that it might cause some intense anxiety, perhaps even some hyperventilation)... or maybe I'm defeating the purpose by giving myself a bunch of shots.  Well, in any case, I'm going to keep doing it this way, at least for now, because I just can't let go that much.

So anyway, the problem with that is what do I pick if they're all so different, but each explore something that I find important?  I like some more than others, but sometimes the others were an experiment to try something new.  For example, the first one I did today was very nocturne-like.  And in my opinion, it's very pretty, and sort of dreamy.  I like it, and for me, it creates a pleasant atmosphere.  The second one is super different.  I started on a B-natural, and tried to stay physically centered around that note... in a lot of the improv, you can't hear it much at all, because I'm holding it down the whole time.  You hear overtones and stuff, but not the B itself, except now and then.  It was interesting to do, but maybe not as interesting to listen to.  Or... maybe MORE interesting to listen to... I really have no idea.  The other two were also both very different.  One expansive and resonant, covering the entire range of the piano throughout... the last was short, sweet, cheery.

So pondering this choice made me wonder... when we share music, who do we do it for, and why?

Okay, I guess I need to pick now.  Eeny meeny miney...

Here we go, Day 6: