I saw my friend David yesterday, and was reminded of an entire world that I was submerged in for a while a few years back.  David is a Minnesota-grown, intermittent New Yorker, flamenco guitarist, and has recently gotten back from a year and a half in Spain.  He's not sure where to go next.  New York, Minnesota, New Mexico, or somewhere entirely different.  Why not?

Naturally, the conversation turned to music, improv, classical, flamenco, what have you... and it made me want to re-dabble in some of those sounds for a while.  So I did.  But I won't let you listen to that.  At least not yet.  That's an entirely different language, and it will probably be a while before I'd be willing to share that hackneyed mess with the world.

So today, you get another blues.  Again, not sure why.  But I have always felt that the blues and flamenco are very very similar, just one has the whole Sephardic twist.  The soul is the same: intimate, guttural, painful, lonesome cries, exiles from the caverns of the heart.

Here we go, Day 14 (wow, two weeks!): https://ia700701.us.archive.org/23/items/Improv82811/8_28_1112_52Pm.mp3