Hear with eyes. See with ears.

I like the idea of starting with something that starts out just ho-hum, and then evolves into something I love.  I started today's improv without really having anything in mind except that I'd better get it down fast, because I had to leave.  While I was playing, I had thoughts of the northern lights, and so quickly the playing turned into cascades of pinks and purples flashing in entropic wavelengths across the sky, which somehow then evolved into a murky, green swamp where I could see flickers of a gold tail from some sort of fish in the water.  And I tried to show that.  I don't know if I did... but I like it!

Here we go, Day 29: https://ia600501.us.archive.org/8/items/Improv91211/9_12_116_37Pm.mp3

And for my sister's birthday today, a little tribute.  And a bundle of baby peeking out.