Got up extra early today for a former student's bar mitzvah.  I'll admit, the service was a lot longer and (excuse me, but it's the truth) more painful than I was expecting (one hour in, one and a half hours to go, Rupert: "I'm bored..."), but Harry did great, and it didn't hurt that we were served Morimoto sushi at the cocktail hour.  And beautifully rare filet mignon for the main course.  Harry's dad is a celebrity chef.  Michelin stars and whatnot.  So of course the food was extravagant and utterly amazing.

I sat down this evening, after a day of soggy snow and unabashed gluttony, and found myself unable to play anything that I liked.  But now, it's a few hours later, and I hear a lot of things that I like after all.  Though they may be just snippets from different improvs....  Perhaps it was the wine that loosened things up.  Now, that being said, this one is definitely stream of consciousness, and not altogether very linear, but still... something I like in it.

Here we go, Day 76: