There's so much running through my head right now.  I feel overwhelmed with music, and its relationships to all facets of humanity, nature, and the cosmos.  Layers upon layers.  If only I could describe the visual images that I get when I hear really profound music.  Everything I see is complete juxtaposition, at all moments.  But it always points in one direction all of the time.  The seemingly simple is the most complex of all.  And yet still so simple.  And how do I mean that? 

And the more muddied a piece of music, the less complex it becomes.  Sometimes it is almost so overt that the depth of emotion tastes trivialized.  At times, it can be borderline offensive.  That something so weighty as a human emotion could be conveyed with such vulgarity.  Maybe "muddied" is not the word I am looking for.

When I think about the layers, I see through them to the other layers beyond, but I also see an opaque, wooden, blue box, floating in the midst of the layers, it's a layer, too, and I know something is in that box, and I can sense the feeling that is in the box, the things inside of it that give off energy.  And where does it come from, and why, I don't know, but then there's a closed fist that comes from nowhere and punches into the bottom of the box, but it's not violent at all, it's more like striking truth.  And so, even though I can't see through that box, I can feel through that box.  What I suppose I mean is that there are layers within the layers.  Exponential layers.

And the greatest, deepest beauty is when the artist/interpreter can unearth a truly naked emotion, radiating purity, and that's the moment when we understand.  And when I say understand, I mean understand.  And if you have to ask, "Understand what?" then you don't understand. 

Sometimes I feel like I can tap into my subconscious, but usually there are so many layers to wade through that I get confused which connections meet up where, and what, in one instant seems like an Aha! moment, has passed like a flash of light in the next.

And I promise that I don't use drugs.

Here we go, Day 66: