The one hundredth post.  Man.  I wish today's improv would've been more to my satisfaction in celebration of this momentous occasion.

Settling is not my strong suit.

For the record, I was sitting on the floor to do this.  It was the only way I could effectively play inside my tiny instrument.  And now... in the revision, (that you have no perspective of, because I can edit, and whatever, at my whim in past, present, future tense...) ...

Here we go, Day 100: https://ia700809.us.archive.org/12/items/Improv112211/11_22_119_27Pm.mp3

And, as an afterthought, hours later...

... if you had to give up a sense... what is the hierarchy?  Marc says sight is most important.  Gavin and I claim hearing and smell are reigning above.  What about you?  We all agree, though quite sensuous, taste is the last to go.

And now, thinking about it a bit, it's what gives us a three-dimensional perspective... no?