Coming Home 2.

After re-reading my post from yesterday, I have to apologize for some unclear writing.  I blame it all on Marc, who bought the last round, which was probably one too many for both Gavin and me (I told you I didn't want another!), but we all enjoyed it thoroughly, and it was a fine way to part ways with New York before Thanksgiving.  Marc, Gavin, and Nuno (who had left a bit earlier in the night) are definitely all a big part of my NYC family, and it was great to celebrate the holiday with them.  But a bad way to start a blog entry.  Teehee!

Anyway, I was not able to bring my tuning hammer with me to Minneapolis.  So, no, the piano is not in tune.

We are mortals.  We are, therefore, subject to life.  And, consequently, to death.

Here we go, Day 101: