I was jogging along Riverside Park today.  The air was crisp and blustery, the sun shone brightly, Shosti 5 helped me run against the wind in a slightly panicked determination, and as I rounded my last corner to head up the steps to "civilization," a lode of sparkling mica caught my eye from a large rock that was nestled neatly amidst a patch of green grass near the foot of the path.

And it looked beautiful, but strange.  Like it had been placed there on purpose, which could be true, considering that most of NYC parks have been landscaped.  It made me think it was part of the set from Rheingold, or some other epic Wagnerian opera.

And then I thought, am I just a character in a very grand scale opera?  Is this all just a meticulously crafted masterpiece, a study of humankind, emotions, relationships, creation, timelines?

If so, I'm gonna make it good.  I am gonna be the character that makes the gods say, "Did you watch that episode of Human Life last night?  MAN!!  That was crazy!!  I wonder what's going to happen next?"

On a side note, melted chocolate should be considered a sport.  You heard me.

And for today, a children's song.

Here we go, Day 90 (THREE FREAKIN' MONTHS!!): https://ia600706.us.archive.org/24/items/Improv111211/11_12_117_06Pm.mp3