Like yesterday, I have "actual" work that I need to do yet, it's almost midnight, and I still haven't had dinner.  So again, I'll keep the writing to a minimum.

Today I really tried pretty hard to improvise stuff that was outside of my comfort zone.  It's hard to do that... to push oneself out of a cozy little spot, but I'm just not satisfied with the stagnant present.  I know there's no getting away from me, and the music I make is always going to have shared threads, but let's just see if I can evolve this a little bit.  Awkward stages fully expected.  Discomfort fully realized.

Here we go, Day 157: https://ia902604.us.archive.org/20/items/Improv11812/1_18_128_33Pm.mp3

By the way, did anyone notice the Stravinsky quotes?