I must apologize.  Yesterday I got home with zero wits about me, and I was way too tired to pick a good improv from yesterday's arsenal.  I just threw one on here, and it's probably the worst of the group.  Kinda frustrating.  But in the spirit of putting anything and everything out there, maybe I can live with having some super mediocre stuff up there, too.  It's all me, after all.

Today I spent a good chunk of time drugging myself with iTunes U podcasts.  I started out with an hour and a half Philosophy for Beginners lecture from Oxford U, on recommendation from my brother-in-law.  So interesting.  And a very cool part of it is that you can apply so many of those questions to music, and music creation.  Maybe that's silly, but let me ask you:  did a piece (any piece, think of one specific for you,) exist before it was created, or only after?  How could it exist now if it didn't exist then?  What are the musical atoms that had to be put together to form the idea of the piece, and where did they come from?  And how are our concepts formed?  Lots of other questions here, but these are some fun ones to start out with.

I burnt my rice.  Too much damn philosophizing!

Here we go, Day 146: https://ia600808.us.archive.org/0/items/Improv1712/1_7_128_11Pm.mp3