Everything will be ok.

Saw a great film collection and interview with Don Hertzfeldt tonight.  It was exactly what I needed... to laugh, to ponder, to feel without effort, and with a light-heartedness to being without watering down the suffering.

He spoke about his gladness to be a part of the viewing... that he was happy to witness how his creation interacted with the audience.  He liked being present when portions of his work won us over, or when it failed in front of us.  It made me think about what is different with performers in that regard, but what could be the same.  And maybe it's worth entertaining the idea that it is not just what we gather from onstage, but also what we might observe from outside the whole ordeal.

I dunno.

Here we go, Day 225: https://ia600505.us.archive.org/5/items/Improv32612/20120326172635.mp3