Look at the ants.  Now there's a successful species.  They rely mostly on instinct, and secretions.  When they die, their kin come and gather their bodies.  They march on, one by one, single file, to their goals.  Uniform, unquestioning, dutiful.  They maintain their cities, and live on.

I'm a perfect idiot.

That is, if that is what success is measured by.  If I were a citizen of a little ant city, it would certainly see no benefit on my part.

Sometimes I scare myself, with the intensity and depth of human emotion.  And I also scare myself when I choose to ignore it... and it makes me wonder about the importance of that side of things.  And now, juxtapose that with my strength of reason, which is as beautifully and artistically honed at least as much as its alter.  I ask of you, Where do you go, when the rights are all right, but maybe wrong?  And do you trust your emotional, or your intellectual self?  And once you've decided that, what do you do when you realize that those two parts are, in fact, very much one and the same?  Now, add time.

Crazy ol' time.  Good for nothing.  Everything.  Wish you would stand still.  Wish you would get on with it. 

Here we go, Day 214: