River rain.

Today, I got caught on the White River during a rainstorm.  There was no immediate danger... no thunder or lightning or strong winds.  There were perhaps sixteen of us floating at different spots along the way, and we were quite spread out.  I was with Seb, and when the rain began to fall, it came gently at first, in heavy, full drops that plopped right into the water.  Each drop produced a medium sized bubble on the surface of the river that lasted for an instant before popping.  It was like a choreography, the evenness and rhythm to which they danced.

After a minute or two, the tempo changed, and the drops became dense and percussive.  For all of the cold and goosebumps that we felt, it was a beautiful sight.  The river a street of mercury that shimmered with black and white kaleidoscope all around us.

Here we go, Day 349: https://ia600809.us.archive.org/25/items/Improv72812/20120728195445.mp3