Getting there.

After a few days of the internet not working, I was forced to leave my blog to its own devices.  I did not, however, abandon the project.  I still have an improv for each day.  I'll put them all here.

Now in Greenfield, MA, atop a very cozy bed, decompressing from the last four weeks or so of heavy duty, constant work, I'll see what is still in my head that I could pour out onto this cyber page.

On August 1, my improv must've contained at least a little element of franticness.  It was the day before my concert with Pitnarry, and I was a wreck.  The August 2 improv, however, took place at Chandler Center for the Arts, one of the most incredible halls I've ever played in.  The acoustics are magnificent, and I'll actually post both of the improvs I did that day... I just love to bathe in the sound of that place... it was a special improv moment for sure.

The last few days have been full of strife and emotion, last pushes to the finish line, disappointments and accomplishments, deep breaths, teary eyes, bleary eyes, 3am phone calls, and... the like.

I think the improvs say it all, really.

Here we go, Day 353 (August 1):
Here we go, Day 354 (August 2):
and Day 354, Part 2:
Here we go, Day 355 (August 3):
Here we go, Day 356 (August 4):
Here we go, Day 357:

I can't believe I have such few days left.