Flip side.

The first post in a long time, I mean, a REALLY long time, finds itself anew like I'd never done it before but somehow I know what I'm doing.

(I almost couldn't log in, it's been so long!)

The NYC conundrum, ever prevalent, reveals the flip side through a visit with an extraordinarily creative mind. I almost thought these were gone, and I've often lamented how I've missed thee...

... but it was really nice to revel in what our dreams once were and really believe again that our creations might yet find a place in this... this... whatever this is.

New York is an awful garbage-laden prison of a place, filled with murdererers and soul-suppers. Yes, SUPPERS. Delight in the very essence of what makes each of our souls so purely unique and beautiful. And SUPPED. Engorged upon, like a delicate and fine aperitif... the finest your tongue has ever chanced to embrace. That's This Place. You, like me, are a commodity. And, oh, how exhausting it's been to count oneself amongst the creative entrepreneurs of This Place. How ought one protect and confide their spirit in a generally undeserving world when all you want to do is somehow find one good reason to share your chaos and beauty?

New York can really make one believe the worst, and yes, the best of people, too.