Songs Between Life and Death

Songs Between Life and Death (2019) by Mary Prescott is an 80-minute performative song cycle for 3 voices, violin, trumpet, bass and piano. Inspired by conscious spiritual existence unattached from the physical body, Songs Between Life and Death explores the hidden spaces, emotional experiences, clarity, and chaos of inhabiting this unknown place for the first time.

Commissioned by Roulette Intermedium in Brooklyn, NY, made possible with funds by the Jerome Foundation, Songs Between Life and Death premiered on April 30, 2019, performed by Nina Dante, Ariadne Greif and Sara Serpa (voices); Ilmar Gavilán (violin); Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet); Nick Dunston (bass); and Mary Prescott (piano).

with Nina Dante, Ariadne Greif, Sara Serpa, Ilmar Gavilan, Jonathan Finlayson, Nick Dunston, Mary Prescott. Photography by James Autery.