The Night's Music.

Today was a magnificently beautiful one.  When I got home from lunch at a great BBQ place with an old friend, the cicadas were rattling in the trees, the sun was shining strong and warm, mom and I went for a walk around Lake Harriet.  We stopped at one of my favorite places in the whole city, The Rose Gardens, and dipped our feet into the lovely old fountain.  These are the elements of summer.

When I sat down for tonight's improv, I was acutely aware of some of my favorite summer sounds... watering of the garden, the screen door opening and closing, and crickets.  I always wanted to be able to make the cricket sound.  My friend said that all I need to do is rub my wings together, but I just can't rub them that fast!

Here we go, Day 11:
and Day 11, Part 2: