A pithy observation that contains a general truth.  There are pieces as such.

I had braised short ribs this evening.  I made them with my new slow cooker.  After enjoying said ribs, I named my slow cooker Terris, meaning tender and good in Latin.  I almost named it Glenda, meaning holy and good, but that would have been sacrilicious. 

Here we go, Day 44: https://ia700707.us.archive.org/3/items/Improv92711/9_27_119_23Pm.mp3

And another picture from my Dad's recent slide catalogue.  I wanted to put a hilarious photo of the family dog nursing a slew of puppies all at once.  The dog has a fantastic expression.  But it's hard to see it in the small size that comes up on the blog.  So instead, I'm going to put a cute one of my mom a long time ago, posing with a VW Beetle.