One more day, and then three day weekend!! Yay!!  I am going to pick me the hell out of some apples.

I accidentally did some straight ahead stuff today.  Haha!  It was kind of funny... based on the ice cream man jingle.  Full of blunders, though, so I'm not putting it on here.

How's this for a holiday tune?  It's from my It's an Atonal Christmas! album.

Here we go, Day 53:

I almost... ALMOST put another selection from my Just Chords album, but it is just so self-pandering... I couldn't bring myself to do it.  Even though it's pretty beautiful. 

You know what?  What the heck.  There are no rules.  And who knows... maybe you just feel like meditating.  This is perfect for that: Day 53, Part 2: