Honey loquat syrup is my friend.

My improv today is extra meandering, due to my status of infirm.  I definitely checked that box today when I sat down to record.  I really would rather have been laying in bed, knitting, sipping tea, and watching tv shows on the internet.  Aside from the lovely smell of decaying leaves, fall also brings with it the first cold of the season.

I'm not really one to complain.  It's just an excuse for an improv that I'm not overly happy with.  I did, after all, get to see three wonderfully performed Beethoven quartets this evening, including one of my favorites, the c# minor, Opus. 131.  Astounding.  It's kind of a wow moment when you see this live, and done really, really well.  Akiko and I were extra excited, because Sibbi, the second violinist of the Pacifica Quartet, whom we saw tonight, is going to be our guest artist this summer at Lyra.  Pretty awesome.

Anyway, enough hemming and hawing...

Here we go, Day 69: https://ia600702.us.archive.org/15/items/Improv102211/10_22_114_21Pm.mp3