Three kings.

It's really fun to watch little kids open presents on Christmas morning.  Exhausting, too, but really fun.

As usual, there's a lot I'd love to write.  Actually, there are a lot of pictures I'd want to post, but the internet connection is on the slow side right now (unbearably so, in fact), so those will have to wait until another time.

But, the sunrise was beautiful (my observance of which was aided by the promise of Santa's visit), the sunset was truly breathtaking, and after dark, we were able to see the glow of Minneapolis against the clouds, even at 160 miles away.  And then, into the night, Orion, his belt, and yonder Sirius, were clear as could be... almost like if we were to make the journey, we would reach that brilliant star.  It twinkled with such intensity, and almost touched the cresting horizon.  I wanted to stare at it for hours, but it was just a bit too cold, and the fireplace was beckoning.

Here we go, Day 133: