Fish out of water.

So, if you've been listening to these improvs, you've probably noticed, like me, that a lot of them have a very similar style/sound.  It has occurred to me that I must think I do this type best, because if you were to hear the entire reel of improvs, you'd hear a lot more variety than what I post.  I probably don't put the other ones, because they're outside of my comfort zone, and I just can't deal with posting them publicly.  And maybe it's just plainly that I'm not as good at them.

But then I got to thinking... the ones I post are probably just super safe, and with the other ones that you don't hear, I take a lot more risks.  Sometimes the risks pay off.  But more often than not, I feel a little bit sketched out by them.  Maybe I should post the one I'm least confident about tonight over the very Mary one.  (Because to be sure, there's at least one of those in the group.)  Ooohooooohooooo... scary!

And tomorrow, even scarier... a session on rhodes!  Only my second session ever, and the first time I will have played rhodes.  I'm kind of hoping the guys can pull me out of my zone, but that will take a lot of willingness on my part, too!  I think, in some ways, that playing on a different instrument will force me to do things a little differently, because a lot of what I've done these past few months has to do with sonorities.  Now I'll be confronted with an entirely different box of sounds.  Let's see what happens!!

A few other observations for this lovely evening: RadioLab is great.  The Sporkful is fine entertainment.  My kefir grains are running rampant, please feel free to ask me for some.  Maybe I'm just discovering my "voice."  Comfort doesn't make for progress. 

Here we go, Day 154:
and Day 154, Part 2, because addiction is powerful: