Le Cirque.

Yesterday was Restaurant Week stop #3.  Le Cirque.  I went here last night with the same friend I went with last year.  It appears to be becoming somewhat of a tradition for us.  We both love it so much.

So on the menu... we both wanted the soft cooked egg, which was accompanied with veal sweetbreads, and other delectable little items, but they were all out of it, which was a bit disappointing.  So instead, Marc got the cauliflower soup, and I got the pasta with butternut squash and ricotta.  Mine was good, but seemed almost like a glorified mac and cheese.  But as Marc put it, he "could never get that texture out of mac and cheese."  He definitely won the point for the appetizer.

Main course, I got the Berkshire pork belly (of course, why wouldn't you get pork belly, as long as its on the menu), and Marc got the braised beef.  I definitely won that round... pork belly is just... so... good.  Perfectly crisp top layer, with a succulent and tender base.

Last, for dessert, Marc let me pick both.  So we got a chocolate fondant, and one of my favorite desserts, a vanilla creme brulee.  Both were impeccable.

Usually I can't help but spend a lot more time writing about food, but I'm feeling like I need to get to sleep early tonight... long day tomorrow.  So, with that, I bid adieu.  Goodnight!

Here we go, Day 170: https://ia700800.us.archive.org/11/items/Improv13112/1_31_122_46Pm.mp3