It's difficult to assess in the moment.

Sometimes, I try to do this.

If I've recorded it, I've at least got a comparison for the time that's passed.

If I haven't, I don't.

If I don't, that leaves me with instinct.

And what I've recorded and compared can give me a clearer assessment of my instinct, which is sometimes right on, and at other moments, tainted by years of analysis.  Which comes only by analyzing my instinct.

What I'm left with is completely subjective.

What's good?  What's bad?

And if you stand back, and ask, "What is going to be good?" your result might not be the same as, "What is good now?"  By the same token, "What is going to be bad?" might not be the same as, "What is bad now?"

Because time is a tricky chemical. 

And we're all completely aware of it, whether we acknowledge it or not.

And philosophy is quite an inadequate antidote. 

Here we go, Day 172:

and... I must put my chorale, too.  It's just so much more befitting.  Day 172, Part 2: