I had a whole thing started here about creation, and what it might be like to be God, looking down on his beloved little planet, seeing social evolution, being sad or wanting to interfere or maybe not wanting to.  But it's not really what I want to write about tonight, so I erased it all, and typed this up instead.  The point of what I was going to write about is how creations begin to take on lives of their own if they have some kind of soul to them.  And how there's only so much control one has over something living.  And even with infinite control, one wouldn't want to impose it, because controlling any outcome would be taking away any specialness that would unfurl naturally from the creation.  And the specialness is why one would love it.  Yikes.  I could go on, but I'm feeling a little knocked out.  I can't express what I've been thinking.

So I'll write about something else. 

Tomorrow, when I'm not so wiped.  I nearly fell asleep just listening to the improvs.

Left hand only.  Sarabande.

Here we go, 192: