Doomed??? No.

It's all about perspective.

Hanging with a friend tonight.  He thinks he's in a bind.  And honestly, he is.  BUT... the important thing to remember is that there are always choices.  We think there aren't, because we've preconcluded what to expect from current situations.  That some options are not options.  But there they are.  Don't discount them.  I see my friend's doom as his opportunity.  Just a shadowy and unexpected avenue.

But sometimes...

... Sometimes those are the most interesting, most valuable avenues.

From what I can assess, and as a totally outside point of view, he's about to embark upon an unknown.  A push into his next greatness.  Somewhere he would not have gone without this scary thrust.

So.  Remember this.  The blessing of the bind.

Here we go, Day 190: