Sometimes the mind needs to recalibrate itself so that stuff balances out again.  Well, I think mine is doing that right now.  And it's freaking exhausting.  I wish it were as easy as waving my iPhone in a figure 8 pattern.  But it's not.  And it's frustrating that I can't speed it up, either.  It's like waiting for iMovie to convert and process a video.  Have you ever done that??  It takes forever.  (Man, enough with the Apple references, already.)

Anyway, I was really glad for that massage today.  But even after I told two different ladies at the place that I wanted someone who gave really strong massages, I still felt like it wasn't hard enough.  I know I'm petite, but these muscles need a pickaxe.  It needs to be so intense that I'm completely bruised the next day.  Seriously, it's the only way to get out my knots.

But aside from all that, still happy-go-lucky as ever... just mind-flooded with all kinds of good stuff.  I'm in there with a bunch of buckets, bailing out what is starting to collect around my ankles, but getting distracted by the squiggly little tadpoles and minnows swimming about them.  See, it's hard to scoop out those fun daydreams, because the truth is, I actually like watching them play.

On the improv: got some Antheil for sure, maybe a little Bartok, yes?

Here we go, Day 224: