Questionable questions.

It's a travesty that I have two advanced music degrees from reputable schools, and aside from the occasional 8 measure long counterpoint assignment (my favorite!), and one short blurbish thing for a piano lit class, I've never had to compose a piece.  This seems counterintuitive.  No?

So now that I want to write some stuff, I am slow and clumsy.  And have very little patience for myself.  And a big part of my psyche says to spend that time practicing instead of composing.  After all, what's the use?  (That's the little voice.)

Well, what's the use of any of this?  (Is my response.)   

*Little voice shrugs shoulders.* 

Me: I feel compelled to do it?

LV: Why do you answer that as a question?

Me: I guess I'm not 100% sure.

LV: Well, get sure.

Me: Well, I'm sure that I want to be doing it, and I like it, and I'm sure that the effort and results of it all fulfill me.

LV: Is that enough?

Me: I have no idea.  So far, it's been enough.

LV: Is it going to be enough later?

Me: I think so...

LV: Well, congratulations.  You're actually happy.

Me: Huh.  *furrows brow with concern over all those questionable questions.*

And finding some simplicity, and that this can work that way, too.  Maybe better.

Here we go, Day 206: