Ugh!  I hate it when websites, facebook, and so forth change their formats!!  I know... not a big deal, but really, I do get used to things and I like the familiarity of logging on to my blog to write a new post.  Today?  Totally different.  I know I'll get used to it, but it doesn't make me like it.

Anyway, it's a mixed blessing when one of my best friends comes into town... and even doubly mixed when he has brother and parents in tow.  It means that for as many days as they're here, I will forgo many important obligations in lieu of spending time with them.  I'm not complaining... this is more of an explanation for the short post tonight... and the surely short post tomorrow and friday... unless I get to them before I head out.

I hate him as much as I love him.  (I'm sure he'll have a mighty bruise on his bicep tomorrow as proof.  He should know better than to embarrass me in front of people I've just met.)  And that is why he's my best friend.  :)

Here we go, Day 248: