Whirlwindy day.

The daffodils I got yesterday were duds.  That's kind of disappointing.

Ran through the Brahms C minor trio this morning, and am ever reminded how crazy, really, really crazy, it is to play this thing.  What made the run-through even better was that it was with two people who, though initially trained in classical music, are now both steeped in the improv world.  After the first movement, the violinist said, "Huh!!  So I guess I need vibrato again."  Pretty interesting to talk with these two about the paths we've walked.

Anyway, I'm equally excited and terrified to perform this beast again.  It really is nerve-wracking.  I am not ashamed to say that it is hard for me.  Let's see what happens.  At any rate, playing music with other people is pretty much the best thing ever, and when I imagine myself at my happiest, it's usually in these situations.

Here we go, Day 234: https://ia600309.us.archive.org/12/items/Improv4412/20120404211720.mp3