So the hour-long improv was truly exhausting.  I can only imagine how difficult it would be to perform it.  For someone listening to the whole thing, trying to absorb and understand the steps as they happened, was draining.  It is the same feeling as when you are focused on an intense conversation... you don't want to miss a word, and you're very involved intellectually and emotionally.

There were, of course, moments when I started to zone out, because it was all too much.  But when I jumped back in, it was easy to find my place and adjust to the new landscape.  Many kudos to Jesse, who has impressed me with, not only his playing, but his creativity, determination, and ambition as well.

As for my own improv, I kind of liked today's.  It sort of strikes me as a mishmosh of different elements which are appearing to define "my style."  A lot of impressionism, some Hungarian root-iness, and a smattering of Shostakovich.  It's not all that well organized, and often could've gone in alternate directions, but still... I kinda liked it despite all its imperfection.

Here we go, Day 263: