kazillions of clusters.

I used to hate NY in the summertime.  I had good reason.  It's really hot here, especially with the tall buildings, asphalt and concrete radiating all that disgusting mugginess, buses driving past and blowing kazillions of dirty dust particles (or should I say chunks) all over everybody's sticky, sweaty selves.  The subways are the worst.  And at my height, my face is exactly armpit level.  If it's gonna be that hot and gross, I prefer being in a place that offers a nearby beach.  That's why I usually kick out of NY for the summer, but since I started my music workshop, I haven't really had as much a chance to do that.

But anyway, today was gorgeous.  So I don't know what I'm complaining about.  And what I wanted to say was that NY actually has a ton of cool stuff going on in the summer that I've been taking full advantage of this year.  Free movies in the park, outdoor tango dancing, live music, live plays, kayaking, farmer's markets... I could go on.  It's great.  Plus, I spend at least an hour or so sitting in the Sheep Meadow every day... lately to listen to my improvs.  This must be what I was thinking about while I was listening, because I don't know why else I am writing it all in here.  I've just wasted two minutes of your time.

A handful of years ago, I got to a point where I realized that, hey, I don't hear dissonance anymore.  And I don't mean that I don't recognize it, but that I just don't hear that "bad" sound anymore.  I'm not sure if that's good, because I know that it is physically painful for some people to hear dissonance.  And I don't want to hurt anyone.  But there's something in the colors and textures that one can produce that I just love.

Today I felt sort of nostalgic for clusters.  It's been a while since I've worked on a piece that has them, but when I had in the past, I really loved them.  They're freaking fun.  So today I was all about the clusters.  And actually, I feel like I had started incorporating them little by little unconsciously into the other improvs.  But today, the cluster was king.

Two of 'em.  First one, very Stravinsky.  Second one, very Mary.

Here we go, Day 8:

Oh, and today I'm going to add a picture.  I decided that people like pictures, and they want to see them. It doesn't matter what I put on here.  And plus, Akiko said that they will make it more inviting.

This is Will, who, in the midst of a hang, asked if that big red box was a tool box, and then started to fix my piano bench once I told him not to move the bench that was over the big red tool box, because it was broken.  It was 1:45 am.  Now the piano bench is at Will's house.  Supposedly getting fixed.