The Busking Project

It's funny that once upon a time, I did scales and arpeggios and things like that to warm up for playing classical music.  Now I play classical music to warm up for improv.  :)

These past couple of weeks, one of my best friends, Nick B., has been in town during a big project of his.  He has been traveling around the world since March, and will continue through December, filming and interviewing buskers around the world, and posting about them online.  So far, he as been through Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Greece, Italy, Turkey, India, Thailand, Japan, and I'm sure many, many more that I've missed here.  Such a cool project!  I'm so proud and excited for him.  Check it out:

It's not likely that you'll see me busking anytime soon, but then again, I never thought I could be an improvisor, either!

Here we go, Day 19:

And I think it's probably time for another picture, right?  I've actually got two.  Aren't you excited?

Do you know what these are?  They arrived at my home yesterday... a belated birthday gift from my amazing friend, Erica.  Tuning hammer, and mutes.  Now I know what you're thinking... the piano still was not in tune for the improv.  Well... *cough*... that's all I've got to say about that.  I'll take 'em for a spin soon enough.  :)


This is Marc.  Add this to the "urban idiot sports" album.