Weird.  I was looking at those pictures from my last post, and thought to myself, "I was not alive when those were taken.  My family knows and experienced what life was like, and each other, before I was even born.  There was a time when I did not exist.  And now, here I am."

Is that not weird to anyone else?


I mean, not about me, but about you.

Today, you get to hear NY sound.  I never take too many pains to get a clear recording.  It would be utterly impossible with the equipment that I have (an iPhone).  Usually it isn't so very noticeable.  But tonight for some reason, maybe because of the nature of the improv, you can really hear all the NYC sounds.  I live close to Amsterdam, a pretty busy thoroughfare.  You'll hear the rain (man, has it been rainy), the traffic, the wind, people talking on the street (a woman exclaiming, "WHAT?"), my bobbly ceiling fan, and my little kitty cat, Scarlet.  She has an ear-piercing meow.  And she goes through phases where she meows incessantly for long periods of time.  For no reason.  That is what NYC sounds like from my apartment.

Here we go, Day 24: https://ia700703.us.archive.org/28/items/Improv9711/9_7_119_56Pm.mp3