I'm not gonna write too much tonight.  It's friday, after all.  And I've got places to be, people to see.

Had a good conversation with McIntyre last night, who challenged me to go for... *bated breath* ...CHORDS.  Our one and only, basic chordal I IV V I structure.  Nature, he says.  Yes, it's absolutely true.  It scares me to try to do this, though, because of course, I want to create a masterpiece the first time.  But since I know this won't happen, I just tried to be very basic.  So instead of creating a masterpiece, I just tripped over my own two feet in public.  I can't say I was too happy with the result for today, since I wasn't able to give myself enough time for exploration, and I just sort of hated what happened.  I even stopped before it was really over.  I don't even have any idea about any relationship between beginning and end.  But it is what it is (embarrassing!), and so

Here we go, Day 33: