The Portuguese.

Nuno came over today, and showed me a bunch of stuff that he had once learned.  I thought it was really useful!  Another perspective, at least, to add to the bits and pieces that I've been putting together.

So we started very simply.  First was imitation, next was to play something completely opposite, and lastly we melded those ideas of imitation and opposites.  We did a few other things, too... like picking only two notes, and trying to improvise with only those pitches.  We also did a picture thing: drawing symbols on a page and using those drawings to interpret something on the instrument, and vice versa.

It was really fun to actually play with someone else.

And last night I went a little bit overboard purchasing improv books.  *Cough.* I figure it's cheaper than enrolling in a class.

Here we go, Day 36:

And, in case you need to satisfy your curiosity, the picture improv, just for fun:

And here is said picture.  By Nuno:

Lastly, I promise to have the piano tuned shortly.  It's getting out of hand.