Still Life

Still. Life.  Still life.  Still? Life.  Still Life.  Still Life  Still, life.  Still? Life?  STILL LIFE  "still life"  Still... life.  Still -- life.  stilllife  Still! Life?  

Last night was Synesthesia.  Food, wine, poetry, dance, music, theater.  And that was before we got to LPR.  I almost couldn't sleep, my body hurt so much from dancing the night into oblivion.  (Yes, getting older, aren't we?)  Today might as well have been last night.  Multi-sensory.  And tomorrow?  Well, I just bought a two-year MoMA membership.  So that tomorrow, I can see the de Koonings and Carvalhosa's Sum of Days.  What a city.

Today was a scavenger hunt.  McIntyre graced me with his leadership through some uncharted NY territory, and we found plenty of visual bon-bons for our eyes to feast upon.  There is no shortage of stimulation in New York City.  I'm such a sucker for the little details that often go unnoticed, and it was my delight that McIntyre is every bit the sucker that I am. 

I guess I have no idea which improv to put on here today, because there is so much intellectual, physical, and emotional input floating around in my head.  So, I'm sorry for the three, but...

here we go, Day 46:
and Day 46 Part 2:
AND Day 46 Part 3:

The pictures today are from our LES excursion: