Book. Bath.

Earlier today I was thinking about all those layers that are in my classical pieces.  I've written about layers before, and how doing these improvs has been helping me find the layers, and meaning behind each note, and now, also non-meaning behind some of them.  Oooh, wasn't that a twist that neither you, nor I was expecting.  I don't know how this is happening, but the freer I become with the improv, the more I understand composed music.  And the more I control my improv, the freer my composed playing gets.  Huh?  I dunno.  Me neither.

And then, when I put a few notes on a page to see what would happen with my improv, I could develop my ideas even less because my eyes were working harder than my ears, and usurping brain function.  How.  Annoying.

Here we go, Day 64: