...the crinkle of down feathers being compressed.

Must be fall.  They turned on the heat.

And yesterday, my friends and I enjoyed multiple pumpkin flavored libations and delicacies.

That means fall!

Sounds I like:  touch on the unglazed, unfinished side of porcelain, rain (obviously), leaves shaking in the wind (best when the air is cool or just before a storm), my cat's affectionate grunt, dry erase markers as they write, shutter of an SLR camera, pencil on paper, snow crunching under my footsteps, the ocean, an inhaled breath over a microphone...

Here we go, Day 49: https://ia600701.us.archive.org/3/items/Improv10211/10_2_119_09Pm.mp3

And my little nephew, Toby... all grown up.