Well, even though I don't really believe in writing about the latest momentous news, I would like to pay my respects to Steve Jobs, who really is the Thomas Edison of our time.  I'm typing on his creation right now.  And I record all of my improvs with another one of his amazing inventions.  He was an inspiration, and I've been reading all kinds of nice things about him that lead me to believe that he was a dreamer that made dream turn real.  I like that.

The saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  I had six freshly rotting nectarines.  So I made ice cream.  (Don't worry, I cut off the gross bits.)  It's 12:40am, and way past the time when adults should eat ice cream, but there wasn't enough room in the container nor the freezer, so I'm eating some now.  It's damn good. 

I'm setting up shop so that tomorrow I can make some lavender honey gelato, on my student's mom's suggestion.  I've yet to do gelato, even though I've had this ice cream maker for about 5 years or something.  I'm ready to try.  Some people don't like floral flavors.  I happen to associate them with childhood.  Remember those violet candies?  They're kind of old school.  Found them again at a bodega when I lived in Harlem.  Sent me right back to five years old.  Let's see where I go with the lavender...

Tonight's improv?  A total Ravel rip-off.  Think: the Passacaglia.  post.  I feel like I have writer's block, but with improv.  For whatever reason, when I get started with someone else's theme, I feel like I have a lot more control over where things progress, even if it is totally different than the original.  And when I use my own theme, I feel lost.  And I still think I need to sit down and do some studying.  I haven't done that yet.

But, I did put down some classical stuff on recording today, and I have to say... I like it!  I'm not sure I would've been able to say that three months ago.  My ears are changing and growing.  That is exciting!

Here we go, Day 52: