I entirely fear, expect, and want people to change.  It means we're growing, developing, evolving, learning.  But does it also mean that we can never get back to the places from whence we came?

Is it possible for some things to change, and other things to stay the same?  Think about those layers.  Those exponential layers. 

Physically speaking, when you revisit a place that you had once been, aren't there usually a lot of differences?  A shop has closed, or a tree has been planted.  It might be the same spot, but it's not the same.

Every moment, even this one, will never happen again.  You can't come back here.  You've just changed.  And we can look back at what's happened, but we can never re-do any of it.  Man.  That just blows my mind.

Anybody who says they don't have any regrets is lying.  But I don't regret my regrets.

And what brings this all to mind?  I have no idea.  Just thinking about time, how linear it is (but it's not really... just ask me how I know), people and how they change drastically or not at all, what is different today that I hadn't experienced yesterday...

... if you see a slack-jawed brunette sitting on a park bench looking extraordinarily dazed, that'll be me.  Feel free to put your spare change in my cup.

Here we go, Day 68:

p.s. Do you ever do stuff for your future self, because you think your future self will really appreciate it?  I totally do.  And then when future self is present self, I think, "Thanks, past self.  That's really awesome."