Technology impatience.

In an effort to get to bed earlier than later, I'm not going to write too much.  See, I had planned to do tonight's post about an hour ago, and when I plugged in my iPhone, there was some update that ended up taking, well, an hour.  So I'm patiently waiting here for it to restore itself before I can even listen to today's improv.

*insert melodic whistling here*

Is it done yet?

*insert disgruntled sigh here*

No, it is not done yet.  Instead of being done, it's re-downloading all my voice memos.  How long is this gonna take???

Okay.  Now it's done.

And I'm remembering that today's improvs were exploratory into a little different realm.  So it doesn't sound like progress to me (read: it ain't good), but I think that actually, it is progress.  Because I was feeling a little bit stale there for a while, and this feels new, albeit a little haphazard. 

Here we go, Day 59: