Some times when I sit down to write these, I know exactly where I'm going.  I know what I want to write about, I have a clear idea in mind, at the very least, I have something to start with.

Today, not so much.

But that's the same way it is with the improvs.  And somehow, I manage to bang out at least one a day. Some are more inspired than others.

On that note, I did manage to book a flight home for Thanksgiving tonight.  Mom graciously got my ticket with frequent flyer miles.  It took about 45 minutes over the phone to find good flying times, switch days to see if it would make a difference, realizing it would not, lots of "What???"s, having to tell mom to talk normally because her shouting was causing distortion over the phone after she discovered that the mileage cost of my ticket went up by 10,000 in the last four hours, figuring out if it would therefore be better to pay for the ticket instead of using miles, not being able to justify the cost for days and times I did not like, questions about my birthday and whether I use my initial or complete middle name, wondering what a redress number was, assuring mom I didn't need one because I'm not a terrorist and do not share my name with one, etc, etc.  By the end of it, I'd managed to clean a lot of old receipts and business cards from my wallet, so that's a plus.  And also, I did get a ticket home at no cost.  Also a plus.  I feel okay writing all this about my phone conversation with mom, because I'm pretty sure she also thinks it's absurdly funny.

Improv: I like the stuff toward the end.  Near the beginning, there's definitely some accidental video game music.  Tetris or something Russian.

Here we go, Day 80: