Ever since I was a little kid, I have seen lines and shapes in nature and day to day objects, and imagined them as pictures of faces, bodies, and animals.  I specifically remember daydreaming in the shower, looking at the marbelized tiles, and seeing the same things in them each time, like old, familiar paintings.  Sometimes they would freak me out, because the face was something scary and distorted, and I had to purposefully avert my eyes from that spot, because the image was so vivid.

I like noticing hidden messages.  It makes me feel like I know something special that other people don't.

And I'm getting more and more comfortable with piano's hidden message.  I was complaining the other day (as I often do,) that I can't crescendo on a single note on a piano.  But today, I was sort of feeling like I could actually do that inside of the piano.  And lots of other cool stuff, too!  There's not really a whole lot of technique developed for this kind of piano playing, but as I explore it, I'm discovering an entirely new range of the instrument's capabilities.  More experimentation to ensue!!!

Here we go, Day 111: https://ia600801.us.archive.org/25/items/Improv12311/12_3_119_04Pm.mp3