Over dinner tonight, improv inevitably came up as a main topic of conversation.  I explained the dilemma I often have, of chasing down what I believe "should be" on my palette of colors vs. using the colors that come in the box.  Trying to use colors that aren't there, but that I might be able to mix.  It seems obvious what needs to happen here... maybe it just took an abstract metaphor to get me to realize it.

Anyway, the ingredients metaphor also came up: having to make a meal out of whatever is in your fridge.  The proposed ingredients list was: iceburg lettuce, an onion, some leftover beans, and mustard.  If you ask me, those are some pretty bad ingredients to try to make something tasty from, but if you've got to do it, you do it.  And then you eat it.  And you make the best of it.

Now: improvise.

Today, something a little Ivesian/Rzewskian.  Decidedly American.

Here we go, Day 128: