Midday, met with Christmas disappointment.  All I wanted was to be well when I went home, but of course I got sick, and now I'm going to be shipped off to my sister's farm as soon as our holiday dinner is over so that my germs can play tag-team with my nieces and nephew.  S'okay.  I've already had the chicken pox.  But it is a bit of a bummer.  I was really hoping to just sit around watching old westerns and Kurosawa films with Dad while I finished knitting my sweater.  Now I'll be playing pirate with Ana and Toby, while my sweater sits gloomily unfinished in my suitcase.  Can't wait to see what pirate name they assign me, though.  (Ana is Pirate Arrrrr, and Toby is Pirate Ahoy.  Joy is Pirate Ticklesme... or something like that.)  And of course, it will be only the second bit of time I've gotten to spend with baby Claire.  So there's a bonus.

I am a little bit concerned with when I will be able to squeeze in improvs.  Not to fret, though.  I won't give up just because of three little ruffians running around.  Not my style.  I might integrate them into the recordings, though.  The question is... how...?

Here we go, Day 131: https://ia700802.us.archive.org/23/items/Improv122311/12_23_118_36Pm.mp3

Have you ever seen a happier poxed little boy?