Where we are. Now.

Nick came into town today after ten months of world traveling, and it was the first time in a long time, over a year, since the main members of my original NY family got together for a beer.  (Though we were still missing a few beloved tonight....)

Conversation was the same brilliant banter that can only occur between friends that have seen the best and worst of each other.  Marc told one of the best jokes I've ever heard.  We were all tired: Jaimie was sick but managed to throw back a few -- transparent, cool, damp snot rag in hand; Nick fresh off a plane from Rio via Panama; the rest of us straight from long days at work.  But the hang was comfortable and loving.  It's amazing the bonds that develop between people that are biologically unrelated.  I could do absolutely anything or nothing in the presence of these people, and they would love me all the same.  What did I do to be so lucky?

Nick asks, "So, what's new?"

It's been a year, right?  So obviously a lot has changed, but of course the answer was, "Not much, really.  Everything, but nothing."  And it's true.  On the surface, things are more or less the same, but below that, on many levels, life is completely different from one year ago.  I reflect on that deeply and scrutinizingly.  It really blows my mind.  2011, a year of incredible change, has brought everything, from darkest dark to highest high.  A lot of adventure, exploration, philosophy, danger, excitement, introversion, extroversion, capture and release, light dabblings, full immersions, rejection, disappointment, heartache, heartfill, forced patience, understanding, acceptance, strength, solitude, perseverance, wonder, clarity and confusion.  And let's not forget curiosity.

Always curiosity. 

Here we go, Day 123: https://ia700807.us.archive.org/17/items/Improv121511/12_15_118_12Pm.mp3