Guess what I've been doing ALL NIGHT?  That's right.  Sending out promo emails.  I would rather be writing my own biography.  Which I didn't do today either.  Because I've been sending out emails.

Generally I try to keep my different works somewhat segregated, even though they're ALL music related.  Today, I shall break my "rule," and shamelessly promote my workshop on my blog as well.

Uh huh!  You've seen it in your inbox, on my new (also shameless) twitter account, on your facebook news feed, and NOW, YOU'LL GET TO READ ALL ABOUT IT AGAIN HERE!!!!!  Woohooooooo!

"The best damn summer workshop a pianist or string player could ever hope for!!!"

That's the slogan I wanted, but Akiko said no.

Instead of copy/pasting my mass email info here, I'll be kind and just drop the website in.

Also, our brand spankin', SHINY, and NEW 2012 Competition for pianists and string players in grades 7-12.  Read about that here:

And now, for your listening pleasure, my whiskey and candle induced improvisation.

Here we go, Day 149:

*dusts off hands*