It breaks my heart a little, when I have to miss important moments in the lives of people I care about.  It's weird to feel my own absence in a time place I never was.  That may be incredibly narcissistic to say, and probably no one else notices.  But in the right moments, I feel it heavily.

Yet... despite that twinge of suffering in missing, I send giant, happy heaps (overwhelming, even) of celebratory excitement and energy as much as I can.  I only hope it can be felt over such great distances.

And if there's the other thing, a moment of dark, I miss being there for that honor, too.  For truly, if someone can share their dark with you, it really is a privilege.

Here we go, Day 198: https://ia700808.us.archive.org/12/items/Improv22812/20120228213426.mp3