That smell always takes me to the first airs of spring.  Front door open after months of cabin fever, the clean, cool air of Minnesota rebirth inhaled into the house for the first time since September.  Streams of sunshine, turning every piece of dust into glitter.

I am there again.  Practicing at the piano in that warm sun and cool air, when mom walks into the room with a bouquet of bright yellow blooms in a vase, and sets them atop the instrument.  I never would have stood for it today, but we fortunately never left a water mark.  She has a wide smile on her face.  This moment lifts her spirits, too.  And I enjoy the next few hours, making music, and breathing in the sweet perfume of the daffodils.

For the rest of my life, daffodils will give me this.

Here we go, Day 204: https://ia600804.us.archive.org/16/items/Improv3512/20120305195333.mp3